Kosovo Center of Diplomacy holds the conference focused on “The role of SAA and visa liberalization in increasing the welfare of the citizens”

Representatives of governmental institutions, academics, representatives of NGOs, security institutions, youngsters and students, who considered this step of Kosovo as a great opportunity towards integrations and development.

The director of Kosovo Center of Diplomacy in the opening of this conference, expressed the gratitude to present participants and to the municipality of Gjilan for their support for the project “Feel Free Kosovo” and emphasized that Kosovo Center of Diplomacy will continue to elaborate other projects of this kind in order to contribute more or less in increasing of the awareness in integration processes.
Meanwhile, officer for European integration said that for two years, the Week of Europe is being organized in Gjilan, this thanks to the great support of Mayer of Gjilan – Lutfi Haziri. 
“For two consecutive years, thanks to the support of the Mayer of the City of Gjilan, the Week of Europe was organized in Gjilan, always aiming the preparation for the future integration in European Union. SAA and visa liberalization is a powerful road which will open the true gates for all citizens of Kosovo and will make them part of Europe in all fields, starting from political, economic, social and cultural aspects” – said Burim Elezi.

On behalf of the Mayer of the City of Gjilan, advisor of the head of foreign investments Faton Bislimi greeted the conference stating that Gjilan is a good model and an example in all its activities of how the commitment towards future should be oriented.

“Events of this kind, conferences of this level and debates of this sort are very helpful, necessary and healthy in this process but also in the in the future of the EU integration process. SAA and visa liberalization is a great gate which will provide for Kosovo citizens free movement, economic development, open market with the world, increased quality in all fields of life” – stated he in his speech.

Vice rector for international relations at University “Kadri Zeka”, Prof. Dr. Dukagjin Leka, pointed that the benefit of Kosovo from SAA and visa liberalization is multi-dimensional, but particularly he emphasized the assistance and support that Kosovo will receive in political field, becoming equal with states in the region in the road towards European integration, moreover, in the legal aspect, preparing the legal infrastructure leveled with EU law and criteria. 

Meanwhile, University Professor Flamur Hysen said that the situation of Kosovo in terms of welfare will stabilize in the future due to great opportunities given to Kosovo and even thou it is a long tiresome road with many tough challenges, it will result with great political and economic benefits for Kosovo. 

The Dean of Computer Sciences Xhevdet Thaci said that the state of Kosovo, officially created in 2008, has made enormous progress and with very speedy steps. According to him, in our society, visa liberalization except the freedom of movement and feeling of equality, will also plant the European culture including the domination of formality above informality.

Other great contributors of this conference are the director of health department Nexhat Hajrullahu, Zijadin Thaci, Professor Ismet Azizi and many others to whom we express our gratitude for their support. IMG_1010_ selim daku Kosovo Center of Dipomacy

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