Kick of meeting of the project “Youth Amabassadors of Non-formal Learning”

The Kick of Meeting is held in Macedonia, as a part of the project “Youth Ambassadors of Non-formal Learning”.

The project is based upon Non Formal Education and is working to develop the new methodology of the Youth Ambassadors of Non Formal Education, trained youngsters which can use peer-to-peer approach providing their experience to inspire other young people and relevant stakeholders in giving a higher credit and a better use to NFL experiences.

In this meeting is shared a better idea of the project, are divided tasks, provided management models and is discussed on the actual situation of Non Formal Learning recognition and validation in Europe to have a common ground to work together.

Some of the activities that will be very fruitful for the Youth are:

Training Course on NFL – that will involve the selected 22 participants to become Youth Ambassadors (2 per country). The TC aims at providing an overall idea of what is Non Formal Education and learning, what are existing methods for recognition and validation in Europe, and how to make it more appealing and functional.

On the next activity one of the Youth Ambassadors per country will go on a Job Shadowing for a period of 21 days in another country, both with the aim to “shadow” the work of the organization on the field and to provide suggestions for the future activities to be implemented.