Serbia a “Trojan Horse” in EU

Kosovo is not a member of the European Union and is not recognized by five EU member states. The lack of these recognitions is seen as an obstacle for Kosovo. According to the former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Kosovo will not be part of the EU soon, while Serbia may soon join the EU.

Regarding to this, the Director of Kosovo Center of Diplomacy – Selim Daku, in a statement for the newspaper “Bota sot”, said ‘if Serbia is close to EU membership, so close should be Kosovo as well’.

“This process should be seen from a positive prism, for Kosovo. As closer to the EU is Serbia, as close is Kosovo too. Changing the dilemmas of geopolitical orientation and those of cultivating the values of Serbia, the European Union must bear in mind that if Serbia is close to the membership, then the its behavior must also be such”, he said.

According to Daku, Serbia might be a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the EU, and the representatives of Serbia do not represent European values.

“Alexander Vucic and Ivica Dacic as Serbia leaders cannot represent European values. Such political representatives belong to the past, and as such cannot stand in the values proclaimed by the European Union. On the contrary, Serbia could be a “Trojan horse” for the European Union. This was confirmed on the basis of the behavior of the Serbian state in front of the Republic of Kosovo by disregarding the agreements reached with mediation by the European Union, “he further stated.

Regarding Serbia obstacles to Kosovo EU membership, the director of Kosovo Center of Diplomacy, said that it is the main barrier, but also there are other obstacles.

“The behavior of Serbia in relation to Kosovo is not accurate. But Kosovo cannot expect other behavior from Serbia. Serbia is the main barrier to Kosovo for the membership in international organizations and European Union. Even though it uses all its mechanisms to prevent Kosovo in EU membership, it is not the only obstacle. For Kosovo the handicap remains the recognition of the state by the five EU member states. Kosovo should intensify its activity in the European Union, aiming to achieve these five recognitions as soon as possible. In particular, Kosovo needs to increase the intensity of activity with two key EU operation points Germany and France”, estimates Daku.

As for the time when Kosovo could be part of the EU, he said that membership comes when Kosovo meets the criteria.

“It is important that Kosovo has a Euro-Atlantic institutional and social orientation, whereas the membership time will come when Kosovo shows high performance in rule of law, respect of human rights, when the standard of living and economic development is increased as well as a high culture of political behavior and values, said Daku for “Bota sot”.